Saturday, March 6, 2010


XO Truffle


Taco Omelet - eggs, cheese, hamburger, hash browns, salsa, sour cream,
Sour Dough Toast

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Discovery Park Photos

Weekend Hike at Discovery Park

Enjoyed a nice hike at Discovery Park in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. It was a chilly day but sunny and I had a chance to snap a few shots just for the fun of it instead of for a commercial photography job. That was a nice since I haven't done a lot of personal photography.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 11

This is getting kind of boring, the not eating thing that is! Ces't la vie? I don't know but whatever. Feeling relatively well again this morning. Yesterday (Day 10) was a new milestone though that I should be excited about. It was my first "ALL WATER" day. No juice. I'm thinking of trying to do a couple of days on just water but am also worried that it might take its toll and run me down which I would rather not do. Not much else to report so far this morning, maybe if I get extra time today, I'll make my list of food and restaurants that I'm wanting to hit. Or, maybe a better idea would be to set up a schedule for exercise for when I'm through but the food thing sounds more exciting!

Weight: 164.0
(it should be noted that my scale weighs in .5 lbs increments -- also, it is interesting that on the two days that I drank mostly water, I had what appeared to be the least weight lost)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 10

Day 9 was a little rough on me. I was feeling flu-like and run down and not happy about it. I had a cup of vegetable broth and a few sips of some carrot juice in the later afternoon to try something different, less sweet. By the end of the day, I was feeling a little better but not quite 100%. 

Day 10 I woke up feeling pretty good again. Reasonable amount of energy, completely alert. Am contemplating setting an end date but not sure what that will be. Yesterday afternoon, I had thought I would end today if I was still feeling really run down. But, now I'm not sure if I want to start the ending with eating fresh fruit for a day or two before the weekend or hold out through the 2 week mark. I guess the first week was one goal, then 10 days and 2 weeks would be the next check in point. So far, I've dropped 11 or 12 pounds which is great and puts me at my first mark as far as weight loss. Another 5 lbs. is the next rung for that goal and then 5 more would have me ecstatic. The weight loss goals should entail 5 or 10 more days of the fast though putting it out as long as 3 weeks (I've read and it is holding true for me that the average weight loss is 1 lb. per day). Again, I'm not sure right now where I'll want to go with this. I would like to be able to enjoy food again and definitely am missing all of the things associated with eating. The social aspect, the tastes, the feeling of anticipation of a good meal, the satisfaction and joy it brings. Some of these things can be unhealthy as well but I do miss it for sure.

If I were to do this again, I would definitely start on a Friday to have a weekend to get through the first few days and be prepared to take Monday off if I hadn't gotten through the first rough patch. I might also simplify the juice thing by finding a few places that sell fresh 100% juice. The pulp is definitely an issue for me so sticking with the Kirkland apple juice is certainly an easy way to go. It would also be easy on the wallet with a budget for a week or two of maybe $10 - $15 (that is all the food and drinks you would need for around $1 a day! -- well, ok not quite but I already had bottled water). 

Weight: 164.5

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 9

I skipped my blog on days 7 and 8. Both went very well. Good energy, feeling pretty normal. The 7th day had started the day helping Kris get the kids lunches together which entailed pouring cup of noodles soups into thermoses. They smelled pretty good but I felt like I was in good control. Attended a get together with people later that afternoon watching a basketball game with various snacks and alcoholic beverages. Was fine being there with any crazy urges and the other people kept the food out of my general area which was extremely nice of them. At the end of the party, they were cooking up a pizza which started to get me really hungry (it was also late in the afternoon around dinner time so that didn't help any). But all in all, was a good day and felt completely fine with my choice to not eat.

Day 8 was good for the most part but started feeling a little run down and took a nap in the late afternoon. Didn't sleep well and woke up in the middle of the night with a short case of diarrhea. Woke up on Day 9 around 9 am feeling pretty run down and feeling like I had an upset stomach. Sort of a flue-like feeling. I had only had a small amount of juice early on day 8 and water the rest of the day. I'm not sure if that was the cause of the feelings or if my body was moving through a more toxic amount of waste. At around noon on Day 9, I'm starting to feel a little better but had been contemplating if any of these are signs to break off the fast. My weight is at 166.0 today and not quite where I would like to be. And, if the body is still going through plenty of toxins, keeping the fast going should be beneficial. I think I'll try to reevaluate at the end of the day.

Weight: 166.0