Thursday, January 31, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 11

This is getting kind of boring, the not eating thing that is! Ces't la vie? I don't know but whatever. Feeling relatively well again this morning. Yesterday (Day 10) was a new milestone though that I should be excited about. It was my first "ALL WATER" day. No juice. I'm thinking of trying to do a couple of days on just water but am also worried that it might take its toll and run me down which I would rather not do. Not much else to report so far this morning, maybe if I get extra time today, I'll make my list of food and restaurants that I'm wanting to hit. Or, maybe a better idea would be to set up a schedule for exercise for when I'm through but the food thing sounds more exciting!

Weight: 164.0
(it should be noted that my scale weighs in .5 lbs increments -- also, it is interesting that on the two days that I drank mostly water, I had what appeared to be the least weight lost)

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