Friday, January 25, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 5

Woke up feeling great again. Last night went well, still feeling like I had good energy and alertness. Started today with a half of a glass of Kirkland apple juice.

- 8 oz Kirkland apple juice

I'm not thrilled that it is store bought but it is 100% juice (not concentrate) and is much easier to get. Which, while I feel like I have good energy, it makes it nice to not have to put so much effort into a glass of juice (cutting the fruit up, putting together the juicer, processing the fruit, cleaning up all of the juicer parts, emptying the bin, washing the cups, washing the utensils, washing the cutting board etc.). Sounds lazy but whatever.

Am still undecided about my end goals, where I want to finish. I had originally contemplated trying 30 days and / or 25 lbs. I'm not sure I want to take a whole month of this. Although yesterday wasn't that big of a deal to get through, there are a lot of cravings for food when I see it or think about it. And there is probably a good amount of separation anxiety. Feeling like I'm really missing out on something fun I could be doing. Many days, eating is or meal times are the most enjoyable parts of the day. I am resolved to make it through 1 week (2 days left). I think 10 lbs is also my minimum goal as far as weight goes. I would be thrilled with 15 so we'll see where that goes.

Weight: 169.5
Waist: 38

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