Saturday, January 26, 2008

Juice Fast - Day 6

Day 5 went very well and woke up today feeling pretty good. I'm not really moving at a fast pace or taking on anything extreme by any means but am able to work effectively and feel good. I did take a short nap yesterday at 5:00 pm. Have a photo shoot today which may be draining but am feeling fine right now. Last night was a new challenge though in dealing with food. Kris (my girlfriend) had left food out at her house after having Mexican take out. I went into the kitchen and was confronted with leftover chips, salsa, sour cream, partially eaten casadias and half of a burrito. WOWWWW. It all looked great. I wasn't sure how to handle it. Should I avert my eyes? Run in horror? Dive to the floor, cover my head and scream until someone came to my rescue?? All reasonable choices but I came up with another idea. I took a big ol' whiff of that burrito. Hmmmmm good. Like to get me some of that! Then I got a glass of juice and left the kitchen. Was good to know that the sight, smell and access to food wouldn't break me down. Well, not on day 5 anyway. I'm making a mental list right now of all of the restaurants and foods I'm going to want to eat when this is over. The burrito is on the list. Not at the top but prominently placed on the list.

Yesterday, I didn't make any fresh juice and relied on my Kirkland apple juice. I'll probably try to make something later today but enjoyed not having the hassle of it all. Am eyeing a goal of 2 weeks which should put me close to 160 lbs. Concerns though now are rising about getting off of the fast and immediately jumping back up in weight 5 or 10 lbs which would be really discouraging. I'm hoping that after this experience, I can prioritize working out and more days of healthy eating to maintain what I feel is an ideal weight for myself.

Weight: 168.5

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